Todd & Jane Graham Macleay River Oysters
Todd & Jane Graham Macleay River Oysters

10 Dozen Signature Selection Box

Todd & Jane Graham Macleay River Oysters



Oysters grown in the Macleay River are known for their unique golden colour. This colour carries through into a rich creamy texture, grassy woody notes and salty memories of the deep blue ocean.


The cream of the crop as selected by passionate farmers in accordance to Royal Agricultural Show standards. The perfect size oyster, no too big, not too small, suited to chefs at top tier restaurants where provenance is of utmost importance.
Sydney Rock Oysters grow naturally from SE Qld to the VIC/NSW border. They are characterised by a deep, rich and sweet flavour that is truly unique.
All Signature Oysters are delivered live (unopened / unshucked).
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