Rockin Oysters (Dunbogan, NSW) - Rocks
Rockin Oysters (Dunbogan, NSW) - Rocks
Rockin Oysters (Dunbogan, NSW) - Rocks

10 Dozen Signature Selection Box

Rockin Oysters (Dunbogan, NSW) - Rocks



The cream of the crop as selected by passionate farmers in accordance to Royal Agricultural Show standards. The perfect size oyster, no too big, not too small, suited to chefs at top tier restaurants where provenance is of utmost importance.


James has worn many hats over various careers, but eventually he wanted to get back to doing what his soul likes, which is water, boats, sun, beach and fishing. Luckily for him, being an oyster farmer comes with all of these perks.

James is one of the few farmers who still uses a combination of trays and floating baskets. He experimented with growing methods for two years and found the perfect process to fatten his oysters quickly and generate a great result. Bad weather can’t even affect James, as he loves the job that much!


Sydney Rock Oysters grow naturally from SE Qld to the VIC/NSW border. They are characterised by a deep, rich and sweet flavour that is truly unique.

 All Signature Oysters are delivered live (unopened / unshucked).

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